Sunday, 29 April 2012

Space between us (Day 29)

The space that existed between us
Was further away than the moon
All the way down from the old ship canal
And followed us back home.

It rattled away harder than the wind
That kicked its way through the sunset
Like an enchanted obession
Before settling on a awakard silence.

The space that existed between us
Moaned harder than the wind
That jumped over the sunset
Like an enchanted obsession.

It was more than a swelled silence
That visited through the prickly blue mist
Across your curtains every morning
Before it is like a dot in the dark

And a snapshot of the past
Which stills reaches out to our love
Even now.

(Day 29 off NaPoWriMo asked for 'Today’s prompt is to write either a clerihew or a double dactyl. These are brief, usually satirical poems. The clerihew is a four-line biographical poem, with an ABAB (whoops, make that AABB — sorry!) rhyme scheme and no regular meter. Here is an example:
Sir Humphry Davy
Was not fond of gravy.
He lived in the odium
Of having discovered sodium.
Double-dactyls are a bit longer and harder, with an extremely rigid rhyme/meter. A double dactyl consists of two four-line stanzas. The fourth lines of each stanza rhyme. But the meter is where it gets complicated: The first through third lines of each stanza must be six syllables, in the form of double dactyls (Stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables). The fourth line of each stanza is only four syllables long, with no particular meter requirements.' Sadly I was too involved  in space poems after yesterday's Space Prompt so wrote another space poem)

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