Monday, 9 April 2012

Last time (Love song of a vampire) (Day 9)

Last time I saw the sun
You sat there and held my hand
Before whispering
Under the breeze
I wouldn’t miss it.

Wouldn’t miss
The redness of the beach
And midsummer walks
Across the top
Of the old hut
In bright sunshine.

Wouldn’t miss
Watching the sun sink
Past the ocean
Covering the old pier
Like a second skin
And the sun humming
With the breeze
Carrying terrible old songs
Across the pier
At lunch.

I wouldn’t miss
Hand-gliding in the sea
And barely not falling
In the water
And donkey riding
At the end of your
father’s grey huts
Without their pleads
To get off.
I wouldn’t miss it
And in time to come
I would look at it
As a guilty pleasure
Which I wouldn’t miss,

Like my humanity.

 (Day 9 off for poems on '
Our prompt for today is to write a persona poem — a kind of dramatic monologue. Here’s Rita Dove channeling Beethoven, and Robert Browning giving voice to a very grumpy monk. The Summer 2008 issue of Poemeleon furnishes many more great examples. So pick a character to inhabit — a person from history, an imaginary or mythical person (like Snow White or Zeus). 

This piece was wrote looking at the birth of a vampire. It could be the beginning of a longer piece).

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