Sunday, 22 April 2012

The good, the bad and the brush off (Day 22)

Looking up from my plate
After finishing my tea
While hearing your pots
Crash like cars beeping
In the distance
I see the ghost of your
Little cat’s smile.

I see her eyes move
Up and down
In a sudden interest
As she follows my hands
Then my head
As I stood up.

I see her nose twitch
In the air
Like a bloodhound
Assisting Sherlock Holmes
Hunting the hound
Of the Baskerville.

I see her nose sniff
Like Lassie in hunt
For treasure
Before then been
Taken over by Black Beauty
Running wildly
Over the hills.

I see her nose
Twitch like Skippy
As she threatened
To start hopping
All over the place
Before stretching her
Paws towards my food
Like a Cheetach
From the Tarzan films.

She reached over
With giant paws
Moving slowly
And quietly
To get to my plate
Before I realised.

She reached over
Like a silent cheetah
Mixed with a Chameleon
Moving slowly




Across the side of the chair

Then the edge of the couch
Like she was crossing
The savannah




Only to find I ate all of my tea

But I gave her something extra

(Day 22 of NaPoWriMo asked for a poem about a plant.

However as I was out, I mis-read it as about a animal and wrote another

poem about my partner's younger cat who was very keen to get

at my Cheese and Onion Sandwich the other night)

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