Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lemon Sunset (Day 11)

Not so much a look like a lemon
but a kiss whistling in the breeze
before landing on my cheek in the sunset.

Not so much a faded photograph
but a slow motion footstep
stumbling once before landing.

Thin moonlight like lemon curd jam
or a half soaked faded photograph
standing there like a forgotten ghost,

transcribing across the five sense
before only really getting going
while whistling in the breeze.

(Day 11 off napowrimo asked 'Today’s prompt asks you to write a poem 
of the five senses. Pick an experience that is very sensory, and of 
which you have a strong sense memory — like hearing a train whistle, 
jumping into a rain puddle, catching that first whiff of lilac on a spring 
day, eating ice cream at the beach. One of those might work for you, 
or you might have one from your own past (eating jelly sandwiches 
in the woods springs to my particular mind). Then try to bring all 
five senses into it. What do you see, smell, feel, taste, and hear? 
Try to be as specific as possible, capturing that moment across all 
five senses.' I didn't really end up sticking to it, but this got wrote
at my writing workshop 'Writers of the third kind') 

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