Saturday, 14 April 2012

Love Song (Day 13)

You want me to write
a love song for you
that's original enough
you could flick your fingers
and say that's magic.

You want me to sing
in my highest falsetto

That would make Jeff Buckley
Sound like he was soft
On his cover of Hallihjah.

You want me to cut up
half of my poetry
with a pair of sissors
and merge it totally
at random with Burroughs.

Now that would be magic.

A lot like my love
for you.

(Day of NaPoWriMo asked for 'And our prompt today is to write a ghazal. This is an old Persian form of poetry, and rather strange if you’re used to European meter-and-rhyme forms. A ghazal is made of couplets. Traditionally, the the two lines of the first couplet end with the same word or phrase, and then that same word/phrase is used to end the second line of each succeeding couplet. All of the lines are supposed to be of about the same length, although there is no formal meter or syllable count. If you want to get super traditional/technical, the last couplet is supposed to refer to the poet, either by name, or through some kind of allusion.'..

Sadly as you can see from the above example I didn't do this - pressures of work and stuff
- I didn't have to time to research this but did have fun writing this little ditty)

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