Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eclipse (Day 5)

Not so much a cut
as a scratch
that stills scars
even now.

Not so much heartache
or pain traced in steps
of memories before
you were born.

Eclipsed in time
choking the air from the present
creating a red line of blood
from Munich-Riem airport
across all over the sky
leaving death smelling
in the air.

Not so much horror
but the feeling
why so many were
suddenly ripped away
from us,

and the way barbarism
is still chanted Munich, Munich
endlessly by rival fans
even thou I don’t follow them,

even now.

(Day 5 of asked for a sports based
theme - I was walking through Manchester, UK where I live
and heard the events in the last stanza which prompted the rest
of this poem).

1 comment:

  1. Andy, part time poet, I like your style. You create vivid pictures and sweep the reader up in your imagery and emotion. Time to go full time? :) Great poems.