Friday, 27 April 2012

Longing to escape (Day 27)

Is it really you
Looking down at your shoes
With your heels
Flying off into the air
Like dortothy
From the Wizard of Oz,

Before laying across the table
With a half cut smile
And a sodium glow
From the nearby lamp
Clearly flickering
Fucking hell.

Was it really you
Stood in the rain
As I walked out
Of the station
Smiling at me
Like a ghost,

Before pulling up
Your hood
And a blue flame
Shot out of your mouth
With an almost
Dragon breath.

 Was it ever  really you
In this so called
endured happiness
Before the storm
That followed the rain
Wiped everything away

Or did you just bend over
To put everything away
Without really thinking
Like a abandoned martyr
With a imaginary car
Closing in behind,

Longing to escape.

(Day 27 off NaPoWriMo asked for 'Today, I challenge you to write a nursery rhyme or clapping rhyme. Most nursery and clapping rhymes have strong rhythms, use rhyme and repetition extensively, and aren’t overly concerned with makingsense. If you’re having trouble getting started, you might start with an existing nursery or clapping rhyme and play with its form, substituting words. Hopefully, this will make for a fun and easy way to end your work-week!'. Sadly this would have taken more time than possible during to work, so I wrote something totally different) 

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