Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Approaching 40 (Day 25)

Now I am nearly 40
I am beginning to see myself
In my dreams
Going past myself
On endless train journeys.

On the opposite one
I can see myself with my head
Buried in a newspaper
Laughing out loud
At a dirty joke
I had just been told.

I can see a shirt
That an ex spilled paint
On in revenge
After we split
And a coat I’ve still got
But haven’t worn in years.

I can see an old Mp3 player
Ruined after been dropped
Down the toilet
And a watch
I can’t remember what
Happened to.

I see blonde hair
Before it turned grey
And headlines
Which reminded me
Of vanished friends.

Dodgy earrings
And bracelets
Which still
Are a mystery to me
Even now.

Paperback eyes
After a few too many drinks.

And I know I wouldn’t
Change a thing. 

(Day 25 of NaPoWrimo asked us to write a poem about 'Back on Day Ten, I challenged you to start a poem with a line from another poem. Today, let’s go a bit further in our theft and write centos — poems made up entirely of lines from other poems. You could write a new sonnet out of lines from Shakespeare, or just troll about in an anthology for likely lines.
Try to create a cento of at least ten lines. For inspiration, here’s an example. Happy writing!' Sadly as I was having a dreadful, dreadful day in work - this didn't happen and I wrote about something else in the back of my mind - the slight fear of turning 40! 

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